Latent Rationalizations # 6-11

#6 I know plenty of people will cringe at this one…and that’ o.k. it’s my secrets I’m setting free and all I can do is be honest.
#7 I’m embarrassed to admit the fact that I couldn’t put ‘I hope they serve beer in hell’ down when I began reading it…it is so degrading and repulsive towards many more things than just women…but I am addicted to the authors style of writing and pulling the reader into those unreal moments.
#8 Quit making excuses – you are not a victim, become accountable and change your own life.
#9 & I make sure people see me do it – because it makes them so uncomfortable.
#10 After all this time I thought certain things only happen in movies – they don’t they happen in real life too if you just put enough trust in someone to prove it to you…I’m excited for the page turner of a love story I’m not only writing, but living.
#11 Don’t lose so much of yourself in someone else you fail to remember what was important to you in the first place. Just because they like sprouts on their sandwich doesn’t mean you have to, and if you don’t want to eat turkey bacon – don’t. Standing up for yourself in a relationship is far more important than many other things you’ll endure in that situation – you fall in line, you start to fall in time and when it’s all over and you wake up…you’re going to be lost with no map.