Betty Crafter

So along with being frugal, I’d like to think I’m quite imaginative and crafty – no lie this results strictly from being bored or in the complete polar opposite being motivated to do something to make our house a home. We have … Continue reading

To love truth is to live

I’ve come to smile at the odd truth’s I run into in my own life on a daily basis – it’s one of those laugh now cry later situations in which you realize the irony and hypocrisy is ever present and that instead of breaking down to an emotional wreck – you have to laugh to give yourself something else to think about at that moment. I’ve been craving a new portfolio Idea – and I may have just ass backwards fallen into one – I had the idea many moons ago but am now jumping on it and not leaving it to chance.
“To love the truth in life, is to live love.”
It will consist of yours truly freeing a verbal output on a daily basis (yes thats 3-6-5) about an amalgam of life’s truths, there may be some sort of small story or anecdote below the truth – or the truth itself may be enough, everyday will be different – just bear with me. I know no boundaries for this and know no warnings to heed for any and all readers – this is me, this is life and this is the way I’m living mine one day at a time. I encourage you to find your own truth’s and realize that everyone has a past present and future but today and right now is what we are promised – what are you going to do with it?

 – I strongly believe that the human race’s love of music multiplied by their hopes of world peace could bring more change then ever thought possible –
When I was young I had an old dusty piano sitting in the families garage – it was cold in the garage, it was damp, and it smelled of firewood – little did I know these small factors would soon become my familiars. I began playing piano when I sat down and found middle C – from then on all bets were off – I would listen to my favorite songs on repeat about 8,000 times and memorize the chord progression and regurgitate it out onto the piano keys – I only found out years later from my mother that when I was born my grandmother had held me and commented on my insanely long fingers and toes and said “she’s either going to be a doctor or a pianist” didn’t mean to let you down on both Gam’s but I hope she knows when I play I think of her. Not many years ago I fell in love with the woodwork and intricate precision to which guitars were designed – I wanted one to look at more than anything, little by little – freedom by self paid apartment freedom I began to play – learning songs the same way I did years ago on the piano. Listening to the chords at an insane volume and fiddling around with the strings enough to figure it out. More than anything, as a child, music was my refuge and helped save a small part of me, the wonder and awe that old piano held was what helped me crawl out of my bed in the summertime, to seat myself at the bench for hours (I’m not exaggerating) and begin to pound out what soon became the soundtracks to my life. I believe music has healing powers for all of us – I believe no matter what we look like walking this Earth, we look down and we realize we are all walking in some form of the same direction – if we began to multiply those two instead of cross cancelling – we as a human race could be unstoppable…