Why do we talk when we need to listen…

It’s not scary – It’s sad

I’m not terrified – I’m anguished

I’m not afraid – I feel for these people

They say he has no criminal history – yet just committed a crime that will be in history books

I’m confused and saddened – I feel violated to this isolated incident

It’s not just CO, or Denver – It’s all of us

This could have happened to any of us – but it didn’t so hug your parents and tell the ones you love

It’s not a religion or a political stance – It’s a common interest that brought these people together

It was unknowing strangers that were attacked – by someone who fully intended to harm

They say they’ll seek the death penalty – and that doesn’t make me sad

It’s not an eye for an eye – it’s a threat to a community of strangers

There was no intent and no purpose to this – I don’t understand how someone could be so empty inside that they would do one better than the selfless act of suicide, massacre

They say he’s mentally ill – I’d have to agree

They say the justice system tends to treat these people with the insanity plea to live a life in prison – those are my tax dollars

He wants to claim insanity?…- he was a PhD candidate…that’s called a serial killer

The mayor says “talk to your kids” – that clearly hasn’t been working

They mayor says “this is an isolated incident” – yes but it just sent shock waves through an entire nation

This happened 15 minutes from columbine – columbine was a similar incident just a different location

They said “talk to your kids” then too – it clearly hasn’t had a direct effect

More than how saddened I am for the victims and their families, more than how saddened I am for this mans parents, more than how saddened I am that this has created fear in a community that doesn’t need it, and more than sitting your children down tonight to talk to them and explain this incident…I think it’s about time we listen.

We can talk to our kids, parents, family, and friends until we are blue in the face – we can profile and stereotype this evil man and beg the question of “why” – why did he do this? all day long but what we have been ignoring for quite sometime more than “talking to your kids”…is listening to them. Below is the perfect example of why – a mother knows, she has that instinct she knows her son and his intelligence what he is capable of and unaware if the suspect is him she says “you’ve got the right person”…It’s time we listen – because we are a troubled nation that is constantly talked to (ie political ads) not talked with – it’s not always about asking the right question, it’s sometimes more important to ask A question.
More than listening to our kids – hug them, hug your parents, your friends, and everyone you love – no one should have to experience the pain Aurora CO will be feeling for quite some time, no one should lose someone for no reason. For all friends, family and loved ones of my own – I don’t say it enough and although today I wasn’t directly effected by something that happened in a nearby community it’s the wake up call we all need. You mean the world to me and I appreciate every single one of you; the character qualities, and personality traits you bring to our friendship – the kind caring manner in which you give your friendship and love to me doesn’t go a day unnoticed – I wish I could say it everyday, but know that on this specific day; you mean the world to me and I couldn’t live without you – don’t ever go anywhere I can’t get to you, because I love you that much.

My Prayers and condolences go to the friends, families and loved ones of the victims – may there come a time when you can find peace in your life and love in your heart again.

Excerpted from the Huffington Post: 

A San Diego, Calif., woman who identified herself as Holmes’ mother told ABC Newsshe had not yet been contacted by authorities. She said she was unaware of the shooting and expressed concern that her son may have been involved.

“You have the right person,” she said, apparently speaking on instinct and not second-guessing her son would be involved. “I need to call the police … I need to fly out to Colorado.”