The Bright Side Of Your Bad Days & The Right Side Of The Bed

“Hey baby?” Yeah… “What’s a vow?”

   It was such a simple question that struck me without an answer, I had a roundabout – mundane way of wording the exact definition, but nothing that would satisfy the hunger for the proper answer. I had so many notes and notions – followed by a witty anecdote I’d been conjuring up for what seemed like months, I had words and phrases and quips that matched the flow of the message but staring at it, I found myself thinking…. “What in the hell is a vow…”

              These words sweep across a page to form a lacksdaisacal sentence structure to which my feelings are attached, as simple and non appealing as my writing is a whole lot of emotion and heart felt is attached to those words – be gentle with them and be careful with them, for they could break at any moment as could my heart. Doesn’t mean Ill stop feeling, doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving.

              It had always seemed so simple, the concept a tangible thing I could squeeze so tightly words might just flow from it, but no – in this life I’ve come to find just this – a vow is a promise, more than a promise…a vow is your sacred word to whom you love and share your deepest most inner workings with.

I can’t write my words if I don’t have you, I can’t make sense of us with my words – for once in my entire life I can’t explain this anomoly I’ve always been able to write and to express through my writing what people mean, who I am, what I feel – it’s the most raw and real thing I’ve ever experienced and respected like gold – but for the first time, I have zero words, I have zero sentences, I have nothing But I have you and my heart is full – and you gave me that I have us – and it makes my smile hurt I still have me – while having a piece of you – we fill spaces we didn’t know were empty to depths we didn’t know existed For once I’m perfectly content with not having words to explain this thing – because what we feel isn’t something that should be shared with the world, people look for this kind of thing everyday; we’ve truly lucked out to stumble upon it – but kept under tight lips, a lock, and key…

   ….  considering myself a writer, writing my vows was the single most difficult thing I’ve ever done, putting the proper word with the intense emotion and feeling I have for this person seemed impossible – I was so scared that I couldn’t pick the perfect words or I wouldn’t have the proper amount of promises; it became stressful – something I poured over, cried about, then ultimately put off until the night before my wedding…I needed that pressure and stress to squeeze out, what to me seems, the most perfect words I could give this amazing man and relationship for all of time.

I choose you for life,

I promise to give you the best of myself and not to take you for granted

I promise to keep myself open to you  to share my happiness and trust you with my pain

I promise to be authentic with you, to be honest even when it is not easy

I promise to grow along with you, to be flexible as we develop individually and as a couple

I promise to be your partner, to take care of you and also depend on you

I promise to help you be your best self, to support you, encourage you, and challenge you

I promise to build a strong marriage with you, to provide a secure and loving family for our children someday

I promise to love you and be faithful in good times and in bad, completely and forever. 

You have my heart now – and you have all of it, so please be gentle with it. I always said good people deserve good things – and I truly believe that you are the reward for everything I have done right in my life thus far.

I promise to be the bright side of your bad days and the right side of the bed

I vow to you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care, through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I promise to love you, to commit to you, and support you. I pledge to respect your unique talents and abilities, to lend you strength for all of your dreams. You have shown me what true love feels like and for that I Thank you. You are everything I need at this moment. I know all of my prayers have been answered and that all of my dreams have come true in you.  I know that our love has been the biggest blessing and saving grace in our lives I promise to be here from this day forward and ensure that you will never walk alone. My heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home, as I give you my hand to hold on this day, I give you my heart and life to keep forever. I love you. 

May 18, 2012 was the single, most amazing day of my life – I was blessed enough to have the beautiful opportunity to marry my best friend and the man of my dreams; and anyone that has had a negative thought about that I sincerely wish you the best in life and that you found the superb happiness we’ve found – the happiness that hits you so hard and so deep that you can’t stand the thought of life without that person, I’m blessed I found it and I wish all that and more for you .

We couldn’t have predicted this, guessed this, or even dreamt of this… We always say we spent eternity with all the wrong people that it only took a breath of time to realize, appreciate, and commit to the right one – without you, I’m not me – and without us this life would suddenly not feel worth creating into something more. With you my puzzle is complete and I’ve never been more content and inspired by the picture I see – on this day in this moment of time; I become your wife and you my husband – it’s a pretty powerful thing I don’t take for granted one single second, we will face challenges and thusly we will face triumphs….  

I buckle my seatbelt after I slide into the roller coaster seat next to the most amazing man I’ve ever known and gear up for the ride of our lives – for when we are on the highest highs and lowest lows I know I will be looking next to me at my best friend, love, and support system helping me and holding my hand through it all.

what better time to finish your vows than 5 hours before your wedding

Something Old

Something New

Something blue (although its black and white)

Something borrowed

A Big thank you to Sharon Hedstrom – beautiful and elegant work!

Since 2nd grade…until forever 🙂

About ready to cry

We’re sweaty….95 degrees with 100% humidity – ugh.

reading my ‘dear wife’ letter 🙂 I love a man that writes

Lovely decor – a big thank you to Peggy – Mike – and Co.

My most beautiful best friend and Maid Of Honor 🙂

My brother flew all the way from PA to walk me down the aisle 🙂 Best surprise of my god damn life. I love you brother bear

…We were struggling to get through some vows….

“It’s ok babe… you can do it”…. 🙂

“Ok I’ll go first…” Then some tears take place.

– and now he feels better and takes his turn – 🙂


making it official

My new Family

Me & Sissy with Brew #2 kicking around

“Untle Max, Auntie May” and Brody

My best gingie’s Love you brother bear and sister cub.

Love you guys – a big thank you!

and what says congratulations better than a shot of tequila?

so serene.

I love you for all of time

a HUGE thank you to my friend and colleague Emily Hedstrom for providing such beautiful images and assistance on our big day – there’s no one else I would trust with our images other than you and your spectacular talent. ALL IMAGES courtesy and copyright of Emily Mariposa Photography.