About Meg

I’m Meg.


I am not a big planner, I crave adventure, I am spontaneous in nature and responsible in nurture. I am a photographer and pulled the trigger on starting my own business at the tender age of 21…it’s still in its infancy – but I am blessed for everything I have. I like late night phone calls, walks in the city on summer nights, music through an open window, overheard compliments, smiles that make you smile, babies toes, and reading books.

I love my husband more than the stars moon sun & sky

I adore a hot chai tea latte on a crisp fall afternoon

I believe in fate

I write because it free’s my soul a little more every time I release my words

My most prized possession in my wallet….is my library card.

Learning is far more valuable then education, because one never stops.

I have a love for life, and a light for love – I respect words, their power, and their appropriate usage, I try to not speak quickly and take the time to think through what I have to say – for I know it could hinder on someone else’s emotion…that being said this blog is in my full name – and for that I am proud, I hold all responsibilities to my words and their intent, I am my own person and I’m writing my story – my way.

God forbid I ever leave this beautiful Earth before my time – if that happens quicker than I anticipate, this is the physical mark I have created to leave with the world – it may be as big or little to someone else, but to me – it’s the perfect imprint and intent to leave for the ones I love.

Don’t ever let them see your fear and never show them your success – be humbled by everyone – follow no one – and work like hell.

Cheers, Meg.

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