Nurturing Nature

As you can tell I am a firm believer in using things 1)I already own 2) can be found at a local thrift store or 3) can be found in nature. An example you ask? Perfect – waltz into target with an itch to redecorate your room – you push the cart to the aisle with the fake flowers and glass jars that are up to your knees tall and meant to sit on the floor. Perfect you think – which they are – “oh it’s only $10 for one”…you need two…that’s $20. You then glance around looking at the “florals” you want to put into that floor vase and you see those ever so trendy bamboo sticks or tall grass like looking things – another $16.oo. You’ve now spent over $30 on two measly things for your new design ideas…I promise although a great idea – two vases and a grip full of tall grass won’t change that much of the room.

Now that being said let’s look at the bigger picture how many people have bought these vases and fillers before you? Many – how many have changed their minds on interior design and taken these exact things to their local goodwill? More than you think. I bought two floor vases from goodwill for a total of $6 and they go up to my thighs in height. I then gathered fallen branches, sticks, and tall grass from outside (a walking path right by my house) spray fixed the branches so they wouldn’t rot, and cut them down so they weren’t sharp spears anymore. Total cost…$7 – I look at my 20 minutes of branch prep as worth a dollar.

I don’t mean to rant and rave I simply mean to remind you that not everyone’s bank account needs to take a dive per shopping trip at target – I love target, but I love saving money more; so be open minded – find things around you and instead of spending all day pinning things to pinterest – go out there and actually do things you’d want to see on pinterest. Let it inspire you to make your space truly yours and not break the bank while doing it.

The following project I did yesterday with some free time and took me roughly an hour (those damn frames were impossible) I had painted the frames but wasn’t clear on what I was going to do with them yet – sure I could hang them from the wall…but that’s to be expected – what’s something I would want to do. I pondered it while I took a walk with the dogs down to the creek behind our house – sitting there watching the pups play in the water I noticed a thick of standing branches, some were stripped of bark, others were looking pretty rough – one stuck out and was broken off, I picked it up like a total nature weirdo and the idea came to me.

Feel free to share, get inspired, copy, re invent, recommend, etc.
This project cost me a total of $5 (all frames were bought from local thrift stores – it didn’t matter if they were beat up, they were to be painted – the branch was free, and the wire I already had but got it at michaels for $2)

Make sure to screw through the branch with a drill bit before you put a screw through it – otherwise it might crack

Painted frames – look for ones at thrift stores with cool lining, shape, and texture as well as plain jane ones

Make sure to fasten the “tail” of the wire to the base of the frames hooks for added support – try to get it as much in the middle as possible so it doesn’t hang crooked

Malleable wire purchased from a craft store

Ta – da! I hammered a few SHORT nails into the side of the branch facing outward to wrap the wire around. Do this so that the branch doesn’t hold all the weight in one place when you wrap the wire around.

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