Betty Crafter

So along with being frugal, I’d like to think I’m quite imaginative and crafty – no lie this results strictly from being bored or in the complete polar opposite being motivated to do something to make our house a home. We have two dogs – one thinks she’s a cat and has single handedly destroyed all the blinds that have come with our home…so unfortunately we’ll be paying that back ten fold – and they don’t look cheap. Where we were living a month ago little miss princess paws (Kaylee) had what we called her own “window spot” she usually acquires the comfort of leather, or a cozy arm chair that she shouldn’t be sitting on is where she curls up when the sun hits it like…you guessed it…a cat.

So being here we discovered the window sills are a LOT taller than what we had in mind and we didn’t think ahead to bring a “window spot” like furniture piece for miss princess paws. I took the measurements of the perfect place to put the piece and then scribbled down my ideas on paper – believe it or not I’m quite handy with a nail, staple, and air soft gun. However this time around I happened to luck out and not have to build things from scratch, I’m a firm believer in thrifting, goodwill shopping, garage sale – ing until my face falls off; because let’s face it, in a steadily increasing economy you still need to remember the dips and dives it can take, we also need to pay attention to all that we waste – It’s actually quite disgusting sometimes, that rickety bookshelf you purchased from Ikea to only use for a year and toss in a landfill somewhere…just save yourself some dollars and hours and go to goodwill – 11 times out of 10 they have exactly what you’re looking for, with a manageable imagination and a hand filled with creativity, you’ll be Betty Crafter in no time.

I was going to pick up the hubs form work and stopped by savers that is a few blocks away from his building – I didn’t go in expecting to find anything (that’s always the best way to approach it) I simply kept an open mind and my list of pieces of furniture I wanted to get in hand. I am that weird girl in the aisles of stores (mostly second hand) that is staring at things while all these receptors are going off in my brain and thoughts start rattling through a checklist of things “ok that would look great with these colored pillows and I really like the shape so I can just reupholster it and then repaint the legs because those are just heinous…” and I’m in my own world – but I thoroughly enjoy the process, I look at my home as a refuge from a long day where you can kick your feet up and relax – now who likes to do that on expensive furniture outlet ottomans and not so comfy leather couches that looked better in the showroom and overwhelm the space in your home…? I look at my crafty pieces as labors of love that makes a house a home, and a huge money saver.

When I walked into savers I walked straight to the back, skipping the home furnishings, lighting, chairs, clothing, bags and every other nick knack they have along the way – I perused a bit and saw a few sheets of glass (not kidding) that were stacked on top of this ugly wooden “thing”…it wasn’t a desk because there was nowhere to put your feet and it wasn’t a storage table because the back was too ugly to face both ways – what was this thing? Then I pulled out the tape measure and decided this “thing” was going to be the kittens new perching spot where she could enjoy her summer sun and people watching while not destroying our blinds and pissing me off. It was THE perfect height and now all I needed were a set of helping hands to get it to the car, I picked up the husband and told him about it so we stopped on our way back through to go home, he saw it and said “you’re going to paint this thing right?” as I responded with “I wouldn’t let that ugly piece of shit within 5 feet of my front door if it wasn’t fixed up (no offense table). We agreed, decided that $10 was a steal of a price, carried the heavy piece of sh*t to the front to check out only to find it’s on sale for half price…we knew it was meant to be from there.

We let the kitten test it out first because if she didn’t like it – I wasn’t painting it, and going to put it elsewhere; turns out she loved it! We got paint from Wal-mart, now I don’t particularly like supporting Wal-mart but god damn $8 for a gallon of paint that goes well on furniture and furnishings – it’s hard to pass that up. I have a basic rule of thumb – if you’re painting the interior or exterior of your home…spend the money at home depot on Behr paint – it’ll be worth your while, if you’re doing a painting project of little somethings around the house – visit your local Wal-mart it’s worth the price dive. After buying paint I found 2 antique knobs at a little shop down the road and paid $2 a piece for them, off to work Max went the next day and to work I went on this piece all day – I’m very pleased with the results as is Max and the two dogs, I hope this inspires you to craft something of your own today or in the near future in order to make the world a better place and keep your bank account happy.

I’m pleased to say this entire project was a total cost of $15, but considering I didn’t use a lot of paint at all I would say it cost about $11 – and it was worth it. Enjoy

The kittens “window spot” she destroyed the blinds at

She’s looking on in admiration – and haste

Fastening knobs became a lot more difficult then I ever thought possible…look it up before you do it

The kitten approves of the entry way “ledge style table”


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