Deer Creek Valley Hike

Since Saturday’s hike around the Red Rocks wasn’t enough for us or the dogs we decided to spend our Sunday doing the exact same thing at Deer Creek Valley just 15 minutes the other way on the highway. I absolutely love the fact that we are 10 easy minutes from hiking beautiful terrain whenever we want to, where we chose to live is truly the best of both worlds a good mix of city and God’s country.

This particular hiking trail was a little more tough than I expected and then got really tough the more we climbed – I am a fan of climb up some stuff and plateau for a hot minute, climb up some more stuff and repeat. This trail however was a deceitful piece of work – you would climb and climb and be completely beat, round the corner only to look up and see more climbing ahead of you – no such thing as a small break to be had. We also should have taken the time to think of where the sun would be when we went hiking because it was just beating down on us – and the dogs with black coats. It was so warm that they would literally DRAG themselves when shade finally came along, knowing we would slow down so they could spend some more time in the cool canopy of trees.

Needless to say, we made it – it was beautiful, but now we know what to expect from that trail, just know that when you are looking at a place to hike and you see water and think “oh hey that would be a perfect break for the dogs to swim and us to catch our breath”…make sure there’s actually water – not dried up from all the fires…whoops.
Enjoy some images from our adventure.

Handsome Hubby Time

See what I mean about the shade?

You could see the Denver skyline from where we were on the trail – it was pretty cool considering it was 25 miles away.

Tired puppy

Story here: There was a field of prairie dogs – now I don’t mean a few lone dogs….an effing field FULL of them – so Bella naturally played whack – a – mole and ran to every hole to stick her nose in and find a treasure…thank God she didn’t get bit.

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