Red Rocks!

Being in a new place – forces you to do new things; and for me and my life I know that life starts outside the comfort zone. I am so blessed and appreciative to have a husband who wants to do nothing but adventure with me, he should want to spend his weekend on the couch watching his favorite programs, or playing with the dogs and enjoying his “him” time; but instead I have the perfect prince charming who wants to take me and our two furry kids on an adventure whenever we have the free time. Our first weekend (after a week of work) seemed to be the best time to go out on our own without a map, or facebook, or suggestions; just a good set of common sense and directions packed up.

Heading up 470 towards the red rocks I was honestly shocked; silly me – I thought red rocks was simply the amphitheater in which they held stellar music shows – and eclectic artists sounds throughout their concert calendar each year – I guess I didn’t even realize there were actually trails around the red rocks, and there were more of them then just the ones that formed the music stage. Needless to say – it was an amazing hike for both Max & I and also the two dogs, we didn’t realize the toll the afternoon sun would take on us (and Kaylee especially) only over halfway through the hike did we realize how sluggish we were. Kaylee is the shorter of the two; so for every 1 step Bella takes…Kaylee has about 3 to keep up….not a good mixture with sun and over a mile of hiking – I decided to take Kaylee’s leash while Max & Bella led the pack up ahead, see her going slow was “reason” enough for me to go slow (I was effing beat) I had to carry her a little bit of the way and I was hoping she’d return the favor…but at 16 whole pounds – she wasn’t having it. We stopped a few times for water and a ‘catching our breath’ break (which was more me than we) one of the spots towards the end of the hike that we had to stop to take a breather we later came to find was the spot in which a ‘rattler’ had been spotted – thank GOD we didn’t see that thing. As Max says ” what are snakes even for? I mean I get animal kingdom control like the Mountain Lion eats the field fox who ate the bunny rabbit…but snakes – they eat mice, which is pointless – I think they were sent here from hell because they are straight Satan”…I’d have to agree.

Enjoy some shots from the Red rocks and town from below we went to so the girls could swim in the creek and cool off.

Kaylee on the verge of quitting (don’t blame her)

the “beaver” swimming up creek

My baby Bella – wearing the cutoff of mommy’s shirt 🙂 Love her.

Live by these words

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