Love Makes You Fat

Everybody wants that warm feeling, that body that molds to their niche, that hand to hold and person to grow old…
What they fail to mention in the textbooks and fairytales is one glaring fact that will defer you from the thing people search for forever. I’ve taken it upon myself to make it known from personal experience that…

Love makes you fat.

Love makes you eat more then you ever thought possible, makes you oblivious becasue you are so consumed by one elated emotion for such an extended period of time you haven’t glanced down to see that bulge growing or your jeans tightening. You go on dates, you drink wine, you laugh and love some more, you feast your mouths on more than your eyes used to – in a sense you don’t let yourself go – you let yourself love. You don’t mean for it to happen its just inevitable – even if you have a sweet workout regimen and thousands of dance dollars invested in get skinny quick promises…

Love makes you fat…but the feeling you get at the end of a long day where you feel hopeless and lost and you turn the key in the familiar lock to the door that holds your home you pour in and fall weak into the arms of the person that helped put those lbs around your midsection realizing they still love you all the same and see nothing but beauty within you. You learn that the extra jiggle is worth it because with a little wiggle it will go as quickly as it came, but the person that helped put it there is here to stay – so enjoy that extra glass of wine and meal in between meals because the love that you’ve found in the world will outlive, out learn, and out grow any body changes that happen during that time – hold tight to it because more often than not it’s important how you deal with the struggles that matter not the bulges that will disappear…

Happy Wiggling.


One thought on “Love Makes You Fat

  1. I know all about this…both the love and the extra layers it packs on. And what’s better is the realization that soon comes with it–the realization that those extra layers don’t matter. That when that love of yours tells you you’re beautiful no matter what, he really means it, and the more sincerely he says it, the more you start to believe it, too.

    Love makes you feel elated in so many ways…but the way it makes a person feel more comfortable with him/herself than ever before is one of my favorite side effects.

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