25 By 25

Remember the concept of a bucket list? This is that – but on a less grandeur scale. Take life by the horns, or the magic carpet tassels, or by the seams of your jeggings, get your tush out there and do all the things you’ve dreamed of – because a wise quote from the home decor section of kohl’s once told me, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

1. Clean A Fish
2. Have work published
3. Write a column
4. Do A Stand up comedy show
5. Run a complete marathon [I’m talking to you Grandma’s marathon – I’m not walking half of you this time]
6. Be the sole purpose and organizer of a flash mob
7. Help someone in need without them knowing it
8. Be a certified sky diver [6 times in a year]
9. Achieve financial abundance with my passion
10. Write a killer toast or speech
11. Finish writing a book
12. Be a mentor
13. Brew my own beer
14. Ferment my own vino (13 & 14 are high on the priority list 🙂 )
15. Walk with no real destination
16. Change someones life
17. Learn to drive a stick shift
18.Fall deeply in love — helplessly and unconditionally [check]
19. Move out of MN (and halfway across the US [Check])
20. Reflect on my greatest weakness, and realize how it is my greatest strength
21. Pay homage to those in my life that are well deserving
22. Buy a billboard and advertise motivation
23. Slow Dance In The Middle Of A Crowded Street
24. Master and Refine the art of making mocha’s
25. The goal isn’t to live forever, rather create something that will