A girl who loves photography

Date a girl who loves photography
one who pours over images and can appreciate others work as well
date a girl who loves photos more than diamonds
because the perfect gift to give this girl instead of things
is moments.

Date a girl who loves photography
because she can appreciate spaces and lapse in time
more than trendy restaurants proportioned way above your means
more than sparkly department stores carrying higher price tags than your mortgage
and even more than a nostalgic tangible can deliver

This girl can appreciate and applaud your efforts in her honor

Be with a girl who loves photography because instead of being concerned
with the most recent handbag to carry or hottest car to drive she knows the
importance and honors the principle of always carrying her camera with her
to drive her art through everyday of her world.

Girls who love photography have the world at their fingertips
and insight that not many others can give, because they’ve seen close to it all

Fall in love with a girl who has fallen in love with photography
because they have an adventurous spirit and a caring nature to their soul
they crave attention to detail and never quit at an opportunity posed as a challenge.
This girl is not afraid to take your hand and run in the same direction
go on the adventures you only read about in books
and try new things together, for everywhere she looks she is seeing new inspiration for her world
you are now slowly becoming a part of.

Fall in love with a girl who loves photography because
at one point or another she’s had to
adapt to certain situations and make variant amounts
of sacrifices in which she’s reaped the reward.

Be with a girl who loves photography because
she has different perspectives on life from the ones she once had
prior to holding the weight of that camera within her hands

If at any time you glance over when this girl is editing or viewing images and she is crying..
don’t be alarmed, rather, pour some wine – and slide into the seat next to her
note the image she is currently emotionally tied to
know that the emotion she captured is now allowing her to feel
an ounce of that happiness in her own set of emotions as though
she now holds a relatedness to it.

Rub her back while these tears fall down her face all the while realizing
she’s so in love with this image that it has continued to not only change
her photography perspective, but also her outlook on life.

More than just dating a girl who loves photography…
marry yourself and your life to a photographer, for the best
gift you can give her is moments and in return she’ll give you the best gift of


inspired by an original


I’m at a standstill, I see what you want and I see what you need…
the two end results don’t look to be meeting at a crossroads at any time on their journey
I see your red marks on my paper, and your sideways comments on my work
and I have yet to blink and actually give a shit.
I see the project and mundane product you ask for
but then I hear the perimeters to creativity and limits to what I love
Why indulge my heart and soul into a creative source
when I’m going through the motions for someone else’s desire and satisfaction…

Your 39’s out of 40’s don’t piss me off, even your 15’s out of 40’s don’t irritate me
what has me unnerved is you thinking your sporadic marks for me have any limits on the way
I have done, continue to do, and will be doing things.
The fact that we are given “creative freedom” is an instant contradiction to the laws and limits you set down to that freedom.
I already know what I want and how I’m going to get it, you can push me down as many times as you’d like, I’ve been practicing getting back up for years…

Did I take the road less traveled? you bet, the mountain less climbed? mmhmm
Have my hands hurt at one point and time from all the scaling I’ve done? Only the calusses show for that
And has there been times of adversity where giving up crossed my mind more times than continuing on? Sure as shit.

But I’ve never given up on my dream – I’ve never set down my limits – and have never changed my perceptions of success because regardless of what your stupid papers and ignorant comments may say – a degree doesn’t make a photographer, rather a conformity of sorts in which the way you want us to do things…the way you’ve done things in your success…which is great – but how do we find our own when we are given the perimeters of someone else’s definition of a high standard? Forgive me for blowing past what you ask – and doing what I expect out of myself, if that gets me less than half the high score, well,  I promise to not lose sleep over it.