[written 12/20]

Where did you come from
You’ve got me so undone

… While I occupy my hands with a daily schedule my mind is with you, my feet take me to meetings and my eyes to balance check books all the while my mind is floating away from me creating an allure of smiling like a complete fool while I sit in this public coffee shop immersed in people none of whom I know, all in turn at the thought of you.

You beg the question why I’m not able to escape your mind
I pause in silence, giving you a freedom to refrain

…I know the answer to the depths of me, my core screams its truth while I sit in silence – for the question I treat as a rhetorical, and an answer not worthy of any sort of explanation that can only be felt, not explained.

You’ve got a long road ahead of you
So why was I thrown in the path?

                                                                                    …I wanted to reply with the counter facts of logic to somehow semble together a response, but that’s only something we can feel – not explain. I wanted to present the obvious that your whole world has been flipped upside down and now that it is approaching the normalcy to be right side up you begin to notice the missing pieces. You have been stumbling over things miserably finding your way and your footing to function on your own for the first time in a long time. Surrounding yourself while feeling completely alone in a depth of you no one has been able to even find let alone touch because it hurts that much…

and then there I came in fierce blue heels
not even knowing it on the night before the snow
there were no explanations just magnetism…

                                                                                       …. I feel it’s surge and pulse, and my body relaxes knowing you feel it too, the magnetism is as simple and complicated as vapor – I’m drawn to you because I’ve stood exactly where your feet seem stuck – I’m living proof that it really does get better. Your attraction to me, thusly, is that I am everything you eventually want to be again, a small part of you feels whole when I’m around because I get it, to you feeling it, I don’t judge it, because I’ve lived it, and I’m the future product of finding yourself – and I encourage the same from you.

‘ being with the right person is a culmination of feeling as though you wan’t to be better because of them and better for them, you suddenly realize that the sum of the two is always going to be greater then its counterparts…you breathe easy and relax into the groove of our bodies knowing that we’re taking a huge risk – but it’s worth the jump to see where we fall.’ 


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