Give Me Until Then To Give Up This Fight

I’ve come across the inclination that although this whole time i’ve thought it was your fault for everything that’s transpired and how you’re the one changing – I’ve come to a standstill with my thoughts and grievences, you know what’s more important than all of it – I love you.

I love the you I know, the one that would always be there for me, and the one that was always helping me more than herself. That you isn’t here anymore – and that’s ok because people do change. The guilt I feel right now about our fight is just built up because I feel sad not being able to just call you when I want to or need to – if I called to say sorry because I felt guilty, i’d still have the same issues as before so I can’t do that and I hope you understand that.

Although the you I once knew isn’t around anymore if you get the chance can you tell her I miss her? I haven’t fully put the responsibility and blame on you though because I’ve come to the full circle realization that maybe I never even really knew you at all. I knew you as you – but with someone else added to the equation?  I wasn’t all to familiar with who that person was and maybe that’s the half of this, and maybe it’s not – but what I did know and what I did have as a best friend however much or little of that was actually you…is actually spectacular – so don’t you go losing yourself in success that you find yourself in failure.

I wish you all life’s happiness’ and triumphs – I’m sorry I couldn’t stay around to be a part of them with you – the you I once knew. If she ever shows up again tell her to give me a call – we need to catch up.


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