Wade Way Out Into The Water

we don’t touch these feelings

we don’t touch these realities

we keep them in letters and words

boxes pictures and phrases

where they are kept best – safe and sound

for if we verbalize, or move those words to string promising sentences

we may be starting our own fire with no extinguisher

we don’t entertain thoughts we can’t maintain

we don’t pretend realities can be subdued into actualities

we are impulsive, wading way too deep in this swimming pool of fate

but my feet are wet and it doesn’t hurt, my heart is full and you made it that way

i’m up to my knees in this business and i have yet to feel any notion of regret

we always said if we were to take this trip its more of a one way destination than any short round trip vacation

if we go that way, that’s the way we go – irreversible

these feelings have their own chunk of fibers in time

they take up so much space we had to install another closet just to hold them all

this emotion has no destination, location, or finalization on any map or legend my heart has looked at before

you are spectacular

and I am wonderful

together is just a technicality away – and a few years time

Your arms began to feel like home, they held some sense of comfort that wasn’t constantly there before, the bad news being for the mere hours of the morning are upon us all too soon and once that key turns, the seatbelt clicks, and i start tracking my way back north to where I came – all these emotions and things we’ve ventured into for the past few days have to be thrown back up into the gray area and hung in limbo for some time – hopefully not to dry, understandably if they do, but know that  my vision is 20 20 and i don’t plan on letting this thing go to hindsight.


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