That door you just walked out of pipes loudly as it closes – as if to remind me that it’s seen its fair share of people parting and it’s weary from opening for them

That doors hinges are beginning to corrode – the once smooth motion is now a harsh agitation to anyone in ear shot
That door once flew open if the wind blew hard enough and would never enervate from the swinging motion it was used to seeing
The door I stare at now is motionless, it’s grimy, and it’s drained from opening back up after all the energy it exerted letting inhabitants out in the first place.

The door once had a handle, now has a lock, once had greased hinges, and now has cement blocks in their place…That old door now stands alone unhinged and unused – where there was once movement and motion there is now a still silence and no anticipation for a swingin’ time.

For you fail to realize that if you abuse the ‘revolving’ door policy enough times – it’s going to stop you dead in your tracks with a notice on that same door you once left not too long ago; reminding you of just that and how this is similar to a carnival ride – 2 tickets get you in but once you’re out…you stay that way.

This door has seen many a people leave in its prime – you’re not the first, you most definitely won’t be the last – but just know who is responsible for replacing the handle with a lock and the hinges with cement blocks – it’s the same person you chose to leave out in the cold – can you blame me for sealing it tight? As the cold weather is coming soon, and you? Well you’re no guarantee as to when it will be convenient for you to use that door to get back in.


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