To Know Is To Once

To be afraid we must’ve had something we first must have feared

To triumph we must first have felt defeat

To feel success we must have first dabbled in different pools of failure

To feel acclaimed we must first feel as though we are nothing

To exude talent we must first have had to find our footing in this world

To find ourselves we must first be lost – in the depths of this world

To be joyous, we must know sorrow – to exude life we must first live – to first inspire we must be inspired.

To be talented – one must be truly humble; and to be humble is to know you are talented with limits

To hurt is to know love – a kind that can radiate a soul through actions more than words

To appreciate beauty we must have witnessed anguish and vile

To know ones love we must first know we never had it

And to trust ones self we must know that not everyone in this world is as bad as the last

To truly leave our mark we must first look down on this earth and realize that we are creating our own path

To pursue passion is to once know a dark portion of life where you felt lost and confused

To know accomplishment we must first begin to try

To travel down the road less traveled we oftentimes first know what the traveled one looks like

And to be able to love and let love we must first have had the evil desire to sit on the dock all alone

Don’t be hasty in your endeavors – for prosperity will soon knock on your door

To know hurt we must have once known how to heal

To know great triumph we must have first been defeated

Don’t you go losing yourself in success that you wake up and find yourself in failure.
Go – The Time Is Now.

– Never let them see your fear, and never show them your power –

©opy[right] Meg Sweeney


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