I want to dance a tango with chance

Chance – opportunity: a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances.

We know what they mean, and we take them everyday. We take a chance when merging into the next lane of traffic hoping that toyota in front of us isn’t one of ‘those ones’, we take chances when we leave our dwellings every morning, a chance at a better today with the hope of a better tomorrow. We play a part in chance at any parking meter, or street parking spot in the greater Twin Cities area. But what does that all mean to us? A parking ticket here, a fender bender there, a couple of missed chances, or maybe some chances that were over drawn.

We take subconcious chances daily, the chances that we choose to take are the ones we have invested more of ourselves into than we’ll ever bargain for. A favorable combination of circumstances; i would consider this being able to wake up, get in the car, and get my ass to work ontime. Is that a chance that turns into luck then?

What about the chances we take on people? The chances we take on souls we think the world of, ‘respect them like gravity’ if you will, the individuals we cared enough about to stay up into all hours of the night getting to know, their laugh, smile, and the tone in their voice when it carries a whisper across the pillow towards your ear. Are those the chances worth taking? The chances that should have ever been taken? Or will there be a more rigid guideline this time around for my heart and eyes to leer over before going out on a limb and ‘chancing’ it.

The chances we choose to take on people and situations are the ones that hurt the most because we feel at first hand responsible for the outcome no matter what it may be. We feel as though we had a say in the finalities, we had a say in the actions during the process, or that we even had a say at the fruition of the whole thing. We didn’t. They were all subconcious chances to begin with, it was when we deemed which ones we wanted to take control over, to actively participate in, did they morph into realities. More first hand ‘choices’ instead of ‘chances’.

I’m ready to dance a tango with chance.
One day, someday, any day. Right now, right then, right there.
You never know when everything is left to chance.


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