You’re A Different You. And It Hurts.

You’re the answer to my security question for my online banking..and it hurts
You’re the best friend I’ve always cherished and always knew would be around forever…and it hurts
You’re the most intelligent and creative woman I’ve known and loved…and it hurts
You’re beyond belief talented and the most compassionate keeper of the words…and it hurts

And it hurts…to know that you’re a name I’ll forever type and say
And it hurts…that I feel like I’m not getting out what I’m putting in
And it hurts…to not have that intelligence, beauty and compassion around
And it hurts….even though I’m pretending like it doesn’t
And it hurts….that I had a friend whom I thought would care until the end of time – where’d she go

You’re changing like the leaves into a new season…and it hurts.
You’re driving the knife into my back deeper…and it really hurts.


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