# 2 – opinionated beyond belief

Words hum over the radio and I silence everyone in the car to turn it up – people aren’t murmuring, whispering, or barely breathing for fear I’ll unleash the wrath – I want to hear this. The announcement lulls and I fade the noise level and let the thoughts straighten out into their assigned bins in my mind…I’m quiet enough until everything seems to be in a sequential order of logic. “Screw that woman, whada bitch.” Whenever my mom says Megan Ann! I know I’m in trouble or I’m in trouble “What mom, you know you think so too, even if you don’t , you’re going to now”.  [Just so everyone knows – yes Michelle Bitchmann is the reference to the story, she makes me feel embarrassed to be a woman…and I’m a feminist]

I often times am loud, obnoxious, overbearing to the point where if you don’t see it my way I’m not seeing it yours…it’s quite narrow minded really – but just another reason to chalk up why i’m un-datable. I find my opinions and I stick to them like construction paper and super glue – I rarely waiver and when I do, I’m the last person to admit it. It’s not that I’m ashamed or embarrassed it’s that I don’t realize that I’m changing my formidable opinion that once held so tight to my thoughts. [Don’t worry no opinions of Michelle have changed nor will ever]

I am strong willed and dead set in my ways (just ask my mom). So much so that I recently discovered a box full of old books in our storage room that were all on the subject of “why does my teen act this way” and “is it me or is she going to be like this forever” ironically I’m finding a similar link between these books and Michelle B. hmmm… food for thought.

Yet again goes to show another list-able item I probably wouldn’t include on my Match.com profile eluding me to my painfully stubborn and opinionated single-ness. I can’t necessarily change it at this moment, but I’m striving my best to understand it – don’t worry though none of you will be in opinionated line of fire anytime soon.  My mom always noted that I was being bossy or I could use a little tact and grace in my delivery and then I just reminded her that although I respect her opinion (that’s a lie) I’m not bossy or opinionated I just know exactly what I want; so if that’s enough to equate to reason #2…well there it is.


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