Mis- Match.com

Have you ever scanned Match.com or like dating sites? You don’t have to publicly embarrass yourself by answering aloud – or have you ever seen the things hey make you fill out?…bad news bears if you’re in a time crunch. No I have not done it for myself (call me old fashioned) but I have been an onlooker as others did participate. I notice everyone likes to crawl up their own ass talking about how great they are and their interests and how ‘fun loving and easy going’ they are that they can’t imagine why they are single and still skeptical of match.com…eharmony or if you’re unlucky enough, christiansingles. By God everyone has got to start out their paragraphs with “I don’t usually do this, and I’m not sure how I ended up here”….so why are you doing it, or letting yourself end up here tooting your own horn and talking so highly of yourself that little do you realize you’re slowly verbally convincing someone to even think about reading into your profile – let alone dating you.

So I’ve figured I’d take the initiative to break the code – and the mystery of all the bullshit these places are set out to be. You ever notice when reading through lists of people or about me sections on websites people always list reasons why you’d want to date them – reasons why they are awesome, or just any general reason to be as far up their ass as they are. I’m going to flip the script on this one by pointing out all the reasons I’m not date – able, the reasons why my painfully single life is better left untouched – and the things you wouldn’t put on match.com to attract all the great virtual attention you may get. I’m going to keep it honest, raw, and real (shocking right?) Stay tuned for all the reasons why I’m “Mismatch(ed).com”.


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