Merely Thinking

We spent countless endless nights underneath the stars together, stroking each others face while we were lost in our own love story and the kisses that seemed to seal the chapters letting us know that there would come a day we could be together again and write our happy ending. The way you stroke my hair and allow my curly golden spirals to fall through your fingertips has me raptured into a warmth of essence, you literally have me at your fingertips – but in a healthy manner to which I know I have you at mine. We are each other, we are love,  we are whole.

The way my name leaves your lips makes it take on a different weight and suddenly becomes a sweet melody in my head, for the way you call out to me  I can’t help but well up inside with joy, you are the one that says it best. I’ve been missing you for quite some time and I’m slowly acknowledging that my life is the notebook, I’m hoping everyday that the universe will allow a similar happily ever after.

I think of you often, I love of you always. Ever mine, Ever thine, Ever ours.


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