Which Came First…Chicken or Egg?

Again, this is a metaphor, it seems to be a recent adaptation in the life of Meg Sweeney that individuals have taken the time to stake claims on things that are mine – not appropriating the proper credit where credit is due, or acting dumb when it’s called upon… these individuals clearly don’t know enough about me.

“Ooooh Paul likes a link? I’ll stalk it out to see if I dig it too”…. ‘hmmmm this sounds familiar, where have I heard this’….piano piece continues to play the prelude of the song on the audio player….’holy shit, this is me playing….’

Upon happening across this tidbit of music it quickly became apparent that the sweet musical melody that was kissing my ears happened to be my own…the first song I had ever sat down to write and finished it in one day. Now that goes to show exactly how non extensive my piano abilities are, nonetheless, I can still play. I wrote this song on a warm summer day when I had begun to  play abnormal chords together, I liked the way it sounded and so that’s what I memorized, I mentally wrote it down – see my downfall for the piano is that in which I have zero ability to read music, I play everything by ear. I entitled the arrangement ‘A Song For Two’s’ because the way it’s played is in muted synchronization with two other chords that sound swell together, each of my favorite two chords played at the same time.

Now by no means when I wrote this did I expect anything to happen to it, it was more of a ‘cross this off the bucket list’ kinda jig, an internal accomplishment of self-worth to show that I really could do something I don’t normally; and by that I mean ever, do. That doesn’t seem to be the criteria for previously stated person of the dumb.

You see two things I stand for in life 1. always do the right thing, following your moral compass that generally speaking points North unless it’s a Saturday night 2. Stand for what you believe in for what you have means nothing, but your words and your actions are worth everything, they define you into the human being you know yourself to be and the perception and portrayal others mentally note you to be. I had a similar run in a few months ago with a blog stalker (literally, refer to previous post somewhere back there) and this is no different, I’m calling your ass out like I’m taking attendance. I have no interest in mentioning his name or the song – I do however have interest in the portrayal of self, you see this individual is an ex boyfriend of mine (yeah those words even tasted bad in my mouth) not my proudest moment in life, but hey we live, we learn, we grow up and move on….well some of us.

I completely get it though: Guy likes girl, guy gets girl, girl is good to guy through and through, guy cheats on girl, guy is a piece of shit, guy mentally warps all aspects of life to get girl back – chivalry is dead, however the thrill of the chase apparently isn’t – girl tries to make sense of it but turns a blind eye and takes guy back, guy fucks up again (shocker right?), girl gets off a plane from Mexico and dumps his ass (insert virtual high-five here). Guy is jaded, girl is equally jaded (all at the same person respectfully so), guy and girl try to have comradeship (very loosely speaking), guy can’t handle it because he’s “still in love with you Meg” (in laymens terms ladies, that means he can’t control the situation or the girl anymore so if it’s not his way it’s no way) girl wants nothing to do with that anymore, guy gets pissy all over again and walks away, girl says ‘byeeeee’, guy ruminates for a VERY long time I’m sure, girl goes on with her life meets the man of her dreams (very loosely speaking), guy releases new mix tape, girl, by every aspect of the word accidentally, stumbles upon the tunes, guy proves histories repetition because girl says ‘what a piece of shit’. Guy must be sitting comfortably thinking he somehow has the ‘last laugh’ in every sick sense of the meaning in his convoluted world, girl call his ass out, guy changes song two days later, girl smiles, girl has no interest in ‘winning’ still – just doing what’s right and honoring her word and actions.

That’s the rough outline – but it sure does make for a riveting version of ‘Let me hand you your own ass on a platter’ book series, coming soon to a book giveaway near you.

All in all it’s as simple as this for me – be a good person, and do what’s right as often and as well as you can, I have little prized possessions in my life – that’s why I have a blog. My words mean a lot to me, hence why I share them with the masses (who are we kidding the minimums) and my actions, time, and talents do as well (I’m no Beethoven, but I wrote the song and it’s rightfully mine) I pride myself on the things I say and do more than anything both in real life and virtual life, and he knew it would get to me if he used it and refused to put the proper kudos on the song, so I called him out and said change it or put my name where it belongs – whatever you choose, you’d better do it swiftly. And for all devils advocate sake – it really did get to me and bother me, after all this time you would have the audacity to do that, I mean you are a total asshole but even for you that’s pretty low; then I took a step back and looked at it for what it was. I haven’t forced you into talking to me, I haven’t meddled in your business, I haven’t done anything of sorts to hurt you – yet you’re willing….after all this time, to rehash the wound so that you can get the ‘last laugh’…at least do it to your own track kiddo. Cheers to you for changing it, seriously, that woulda been mighty embarrassing having to tell all your fans that the origin was from an ex girlfriend who wrote the piece you are now trying to pass off as your own….smart move on your part – I think it only took you 22 hours to figure out I still have the original video of me playing the song, with my face sitting at my piano….that’d be a tough one for you to weasel out of, even for the slimiest of folks.

So now that it’s been brought to my attention, addressed and dealt with properly, I can now put it to bed and get back to the stellar life I’m having not picking fights or blowing kisses.

So Mr.Kidfresh answer me one small riddle: Which came first – the jaded performer who is a talented songwriter but doesn’t play a wink of the piano or that one gal you let get away who wrote a song once upon a time and left the CD clearly in the wrong hands?? I’m dying to know your answer. God Speed – you need it.


p as in p, s as in s – if you don’t know who Lucy Michelle is, check her out – her voice is brilliant – I would marry her voice (and more than likely her) if the opportunity arose. Cheers to you doll, keep on keepin the talent alive.



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