Mean Supreme

“I love you… no you don’t, knock it off.”

I wasn’t willing to accept any amount of pretty words you were speaking in the direction of my ears, I wouldn’t accept any sort of love you were full willing to dole out at any given moment knowing that I am needy in the form of affection. Yet there I was, rejecting any sense of those nice words, rejecting any notion of affection from your corner of this ring we seemed to be fighting in for far too long. In that moment, that was me just brushing off the niceties, the sweet nothings, and the quiet promises of affection towards me. Reflecting back I realize I was just pushing you away, for there seems to be an alter ego within Meg, we generally call Supreme; she’s a bitch.

Supreme shows up 5 minutes late for work and throws darts with her glances so no one will ask why she’s late, Supreme’s got a stride that would leave a catwalk wondering why it hadn’t been beneath it, she’s dark, she finds humor in oddities. Supreme sees bullshit, and calls it how she see’s it, Supreme doesn’t smile, she twists and curls her lips into a smirk that could rule anything this side of the mason Dixon. Supreme never accepts defeat, rejection, or ‘no thank you’s’, she seems to be head strong confident and sure of herself, but the reason Supreme has her bad ass ways down is the simple value of she’s lived that life from experience and carries out her twisted demeanor on certain occasions where either alcohol is involved, mean spiritedness is present, or any person looking to stand in line for a verbal lashing – Supreme gladly shows up to present her case.

These ‘gifts’ Supreme carries, happen to be attached to negative connotation, see people fall in love with Supreme; it’s the staying in love the opposite sex seems to struggle with, and we don’t blame them – for every sweet nothing whispered Supreme’s way, she’s standing steadfast with her heart on her sleeve holding a tennis racket that will undoubtedly swing first back then forth to slam that compliment back at you with a half assed, twisted, reverberation of itself – as though to slap you in the face and make sure you’re really saying what you mean, and if you aren’t keep it the fuck to yourself.

This person sounds pretty awful to date, let alone tolerate on a daily basis, I’m sorry that many men have perished to having to. Meg comes out to play when the sweet sunshine is kissing her skin, but when that sun sets and the days dew turns to frozen droplets on blades of grass – Supreme is out to rule.


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