Ocean gives, Ocean takes

As I sit, the tide pulls back from my toes touching the tips of the ocean, with every breath it pushes forth as if it’s reaching for something it may never get to. I glance around at all the things left behind by the ocean once it has gone, they may stay there for a few more minutes,hours,or days; either way what the ocean gives, the ocean also takes away. There’s a life lesson to be learned within each of these rising and falling tides – what we have amongst us, within us, within each other is given to us. May it be the form of a blessing, a miracle, or a complete disaster that we seek any fiber of silver lining within; with the power of these wonderful things being given to us, they can also just as quickly be taken away – relationships, people, abilities, talents, possessions. The time to appreciate these things within your life, is now; you wait any longer and they may be pulled back with the lowering tide of life. Tomorrow, Time, Quantity – is never guaranteed, do with that knowledge what you will.


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