Burying The Hatchet…

It’s a metaphor, the following individual is the hatchet – I’m verbally burying her in the hole she dug for herself.

I understand that people may have handled this situation differently than I did, but I’m not most people and what I need to do is what I need to do I don’t waste my time asking other people if ‘its’ ok’.

The Facebook news feed refreshes itself on my phone, I finish washing my hands look at the top status – it happens to be a blog…I like blogs – under the link read the words “for redundancies sake”…hmm that’s odd I posted those same words 6 hours ago, did someone repost my apprentice application in an effort to spread the word and increase my votes? Aweso…oh…wait thats not it; well I’ll see what this blog is about…

Little did I know kids I was opening Pandora’s box – I have never been stalked (only by one ex bf), traced, followed closely, or basically had someone emulate every corner of my life in their own free will (dear god who would want to be me). I understand that upholding my vlog on YouTube – there’s no real secrets left about me that I haven’t shared…I’m pretty open with my small audience and just maintain me while getting a few giggles out. I also understand the traffic my blog receives allows a large amount of readers to scrutinize, pinch, prod, poke, and maybe even admire my every word…

It’s funny considering just a few days earlier I had entered a blog titled ‘I may be wrong, but I promise its in all the right ways’  I had noted that I write what I want, I don’t apologize and rarely do I remove something that someone else may ask me to…this time was different, I could feel the separation between this individual and I, and we are already 500 miles apart. I removed the blog. I had many sweet words involved in this piece, it was written in the early morning hours of ruin, and was straight from the heart and the bottom of a glass bottle I’d been searching for answers in: nothing but exactly how I felt and every emotion I was feeling, after channeling it into that piece, I felt I could make peace with the situation, I left it all out on the table per say – or the mead composition notebook. Some people pay 100’s of dollars an hour to sit in a comfortable chair and have someone who consequently doesn’t give a shit about them or their problems, listen to them and offer ‘mmmhmmms’ and ‘how do you feel about that’s’, I took a different more raw, more exposed, more ethereal approach, that’s why I pick up a pen everyday and allow my words to hold power my thoughts could never carry.

Opening this link was anything but expected, I read through the first page and refused to click ‘older post’ to look at more, my jaw was on the floor, my size 9 heels stepped backwards and stood frozen to the ground like a tongue to a MN winter flagpole. Was I reading this correctly? I had just returned home from drinks with a friend – and was going to play some tunes while I changed clothes and putzed around…until hell froze over, I didn’t even bother taking my heels off or the dress that had taken shape to my body, and was desperately clinging to places that should be able to breathe. I reached to the fridge to grab a beer, priorities, drank half of it then returned to the glow of the computer on my front table (only table). Picked up the computer while teetering on stilettos into the living room balancing a beer praying it wouldn’t spill on the keys, melting to the ground I lay on my stomach and begin to scroll…from there I barely have words for what I saw or experienced, and I feel as though facts would better suit the readers to involve themselves with the story.

I called some close friends of mine – nobody was answering their phone at this odd hour of night – I knew one of my bests who lives in CA would, they are 2 hours behind us after all…without fail she answered – told her to get on-line and call me back in 20 – needless to say her reaction was quite similar to what I had experienced an hour prior.

Basic knowledge for what is about to be observed: I have removed names, locations, and any indication to whom the individual is behind the black square, I may really dislike you all of a sudden but I’m not here to defame you…your ‘work’ can take everything you stand for crumbling down on its own. Pay attention to dates posted compared, and timelines. Sentence structure, body, paragraph style, font, and even font color…because of the overwhelming amount of visual competence, I had to make them thumbnails: click and they will enlarge so you can read them. The blog stills that have the swirly orange background are hers and the plain text is mine…or just look at which one was posted first and the debauchery that trails close behind… The youtube video still is from a video I posted April 7 (it says on there) and all the questions I asked my mom, as specific and humorous as they were (ie: who in our family should be on zoloft, where was I conceived: all for jokings sake) were the same questions she asked her mom….creepy.

Shows the dates in which this story (not even stories) were published, mine superceding by a few days...


I recognize the abundance of knowledge and the abundance of time I put into connecting all these dots…but to me it was more than worth it to call someone out on their shit – I felt robbed, and angry: that’s probably karma coming straight back at me for putting that piece up in the first place against wishes. But the most disturbing part is that this girl is going to be a mother soon – It’s sad that it was at the capacity of literally copy + pasting my words to make them seem as her own…looking at this altogether at once had me completely creeped out: In my eyes she created a virtual portrayal of herself, except it happened to be nothing like her…

I take pride in what I write and publish – my words hold weight and when I give them to someone it is a very personal thing for me: this is one of the few things in my life that I absolutely love and will never give up on, even if it means cutting out time in my day from other things – writing heals me and to see someone take MY words and throw them around on a page; rearranging sentence structure, sprinkling in names, and random tidbits about their own life is nothing less than a slap in the face. These words were never yours to begin with, hence why all my work is copy written (check the blogs front page).

– Knowing me I didn’t let this go unnoticed and held off for about a day to cool down, when confronting her she immediately deleted me from Facebook, blocked me, deleted her YouTube account, and set her blog to private: she wasn’t quite tuned into who she ‘thought’ she was dealing with, which is shocking considering she has been emulating me, my thoughts, and my exact words. Everything written in these pictures are my words and I think there is one quote in there from a book I was reading or a song – other than that she tried to pass it off as her own. The most unnerving part is that after she deleted me and knew she was caught red-handed she realized the damage control she had to do – hence why she has virtually cut me off, see I was a good enough platform to copy from, but the second she knew I found out her game, I was chopped liver…thats ok though I knew this girl from a college English course for one semester freshmen year, other than that – never really talked to her. She did send me a message apologizing about it only after the opening statement was “ok.yes. I took some ideas from your blog” I’m sorry: children stop reading now…

Bitch are you serious? That isn’t borrowing an idea, there are verbatim contained that are so fucking obvious even a blind stoner amidst the dark night sky could see them. What the hell did you learn about plagiarism in the 7th grade? clearly you must not have been there that day or the day in sex ed where they taught you to wrap it up… the fact that you are a soon to be mommy and your priorities are impressing everyone else via the world-wide web instead of your future is discerning: you need to get your priorities straight. I can’t imagine how exhausting it is to live two separate lives and be carrying another in your belly.

The following is the message I received in response to a wall post I left her where I copy pasted our blogs each on their own line simply stating I can’t help but notice the obvious and precise similarities…

May 5 at 1:58pm      Report

        Ok. Yes. I took some ideas off your blog. I am sorry. I think you are a talented writer and a funny gal. I will remove the copyrighted material. A majority of the things on my blog are my own though and none of that will be removed.
I am sorry. I will remove you off my friends so you don’t have to worry about me taking any more of your ideas. If any harm has been done please let me know and I will try to make it right.     
        May 5 at 2:47pm      Report
        Also I was not aware that your blog was copyrighted. I see that now that it is. All the ideas have been removed.      
FIRST off, thank you for apologizing I’d be sorry too if I’d been walking around pretending I’m something I’m not…nor am even close too. No one of us is better than the other but when I read her posts and then I read mine…they are night and day. I write about intricate, personal, emotional, specific and precise shit….not “oh hey had dinner tonight, watched Conan, wiped my ass, going to bed…xoxo blog”. Not my style.
SECOND thank you for the half-hearted apology but I’m a realist and I’ve woken up and smelled the coffee about 4 years ago, I realize you’re sorry that you got caught, because if you were actually sorry in the first place…your ‘borrowed’ ideas wouldn’t be screaming my name through your page: every single date and time I’ve written something, yours is to follow shortly afterwards…you think I’m dumb enough to believe that’s coincidence?
THIRD thanks for removing me off your friends because quite personally I don’t know if I could have clicked the mouse and pulled the trigger on that solid foundation of a relationship…(dripping with sarcasm, but you know that, you’ve seen my writing) I can’t help but realize (meaning know) that you deleted me/blocked me because you don’t want anyone of your interpersonal circle to find out your big secret, i get it – you also set your blog to private invite only…and i’m sure that was to ‘protect’ me too…not just use my words where I can’t see them, and still carry out this ‘persona’ you’ve created.
LASTLY: pertaining to your last message, I’m going to be as polite as possible about this…are you fucking dumb? Do you really mean to tell me that regardless of if it was my blog or not, you presumably thought there were ghosts out there publishing this shit from behind a screen and keyboard? Everything on the internet, in a book, movie, song – is owned by someone; hence citing sources. And to the degree in which you’ve worn out the copy and paste command on your keyboard you can’t even begin to pretend like you borrowed a damn thing but whole stories. You didn’t even change the font color from one of my stories you copied…you’ve got to be the dumbest copycat I have ever seen. Also when you approach the next person you decide to steal from (it is stealing ps) and you claim that you ‘were not aware of the blogs copyright’ look above at the URL, whose name is at the beginning…? If that doesn’t scream “hey bitch you know who’s this is, don’t touch it” then I’m not sure what you need to realize that it’s someones. Among all the rest of this ‘i didn’t know’ bullshit; it’s the mere fact that you are acting like you just stumbled upon this blog and you have no idea who Meg Sweeney is…again the ‘being friends on Facebook’ law applies here – if you’re going to lie cheat or steal, probably go through your friend list every few months and weed it out, ya dig? I do find some humor in this situation though so it hasn’t all gone to waste…any time I had posted ‘universe’ I see you took liberty to change it to God, which is great, I’m all for believing…but while you’re praising your Yahweh, it should probably be your love for him in your own words wouldn’t you say? Hey who am I to say anything, he is the judge after all.
bottom line: You knew exactly what you were doing, because the comments on ‘my’ pieces of work on ‘your’ blog were nothing but positive ones from your friends and family saying how great of a writer you are….and you acknowledged the compliments with thanks and separate shitty words of flattery strung together to make a half sentence…how does that feel internally knowing those all belong to me? You’re only sorry because you got caught and you are trying to rid your web browser of me so you can hopefully contain this secret along with god knows what else…You’re like one of those little kids that is shy and quiet up front but then ends up snapping and taking out half of the 6th grade on a whim – one who gets what they want when they want it because no one ever told them no…guess what? I’m your worst fucking nightmare, you can only fly under the radar for so long.
I realize this is getting lengthy and anyone reading this is like “ok meg it’s not that big of a deal” not to you, because it wasn’t your words she felt like taking, not your pride, and not your circumstances and situations that you hold dear enough to your heart that you want to leave their imprinted memory to a timeline for all the world to see even when you’re dead and gone…to take my words and make them apply to any sort of situation you might be in? disgusting. I’m a full functioning human being with a moral compass that points north, so hate me all you want but like the situation says ‘ you’re just mad because you got caught red handed…ya sneaky bitch”.
I realize you’ll read this because what would a heroin addict do without needles for a week? Where is the writer going to go when she gets writers block to ‘get’ ‘ideas’. But when you get to this line…pay very close attention: I ever find any fiber of my work splashed in/on/around any forum having to do with you – I will verbally ruin you.
ps – this is all under copyright if you weren’t aware…

3 thoughts on “Burying The Hatchet…

  1. Wow.

    I think people just have some inherent urge to tell their stories, but not everyone knows how to do it. Little do those people know that all it takes a little bit of exploring in their writing and in their realms of inspiration…not in other people’s writing and realms of inspiration.

    Not sure how anyone could stomach hitting the “publish” button knowing they’re stamping their name onto a piece of someone else’s intimate creation…Let alone advertise it to everyone on facebook. It’s baffling.

    For the record, you’re not overreacting.
    Not one damn bit.

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