I might be wrong, but I promise it’s in all the right ways.

Increasing in popularity the question amongst friends and acquaintances familiar with this web address goes a little something like this, “So Meg do you ever get worried about what you write? You know like using people’s names and real life situations and all…?”

Answer is simple kiddies: No. Because if I didn’t feel correct about allowing it to be permanently established in cyberspace I wouldn’t allow myself that power to do so. I also have the luxury of not having a big girl real world time job: I care for people, who subsequently don’t care about me or what my free time entails.

This is me, this is raw, and this is real: hence why my name is the beginning of the web address, I’m not ashamed of things I share, some might be more intimate and informative than some would wish; specifically those involved, but it’s my blog, it’s my life, and it’s my story; if I wrote it according to everyone else then I’d have to change the Megan Sweeney portion of this story.

I’ve never apologized for who I am, and I’m not about to start; sure I could make up stories and skew details to fabricate reality in an attempt for a riveting story, but that’s not me – I’ve been lied to enough in life that truth holds its own dynamic of beauty when being professed. Sure all the pieces written are biased because they are strictly from my point of view…whose else would they be from? I do my best to paint the picture for my readers and let the words envelop their minds to the particular place and time being described. I involve readers to the degree in which I want to pull them in and have them be a fly on the wall, to see my sights, and experience the feeling that comes with it: I want to bring them there, because no matter how different our lives may be; there’s a circumstance in which you’ve already or will ‘be there’ in a sense. What’s written is life, and as uninteresting, enigmatic, lackluster, or brilliant it may be – it’s relatable, sure its fun to read a clever piece well thought out and edited to the utmost definition of the word – but then where’s the fiber of personality clashing with reality? I don’t have to make up things to write, because I think I’m living quite a noteworthy life already – I attempt every time I write to capture everything I can to take you there.

I’ve definitely received strong opinions towards certain pieces, I gladly welcome them, but I’m not changing them; I’ve had people wanting to be omitted from identity tying them to the words within the story – I can respect that and note when I do so. It’s never my intention to put anyone to shame, embarrassment, or a diminutive state: I hope that when my words are read they will hold the power to ignite a feeling for whoever happens to be reading them – I want them to jump off the screen and resonate within, aid in the conscious effort to open your lens a little and see the world through a separate perspective not thought of before, and maybe influence you to start your own story – it’s a beautiful and completely organic experience, the beauty lies in the simplicity of creating chapters and complexity of setting yourself free in the process; allowing yourself to become exactly who you were meant to be.

I adhere to one simple principle – always say what you need to, express yourself how you feel appropriate, necessary, and positively. Sending your thoughts and feelings out into the universe is far more powerful than selfishly holding onto them ‘wishing’ you would’ve said something. If its all laid out on the line – you can skip the step of having to worry about all the what if’s, and rest assured that you did everything on your part and its not in your hands anymore.


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