& I’m still waiting for, you to be the one I’m waiting for

I want to be with someone who speaks highly of me, even when i’m not listening. “One of the most important ways to manifest integrity is
to be loyal to those who are not present.” Someone who is honest about
me, and doesn’t mind admitting to even his closest friends that I’m something
spectacular. Someone whom I can trust with a sharpened pencil, my word, and my
heart. “And to be trusted, it is said, is greater
than to be loved. In the long run, I am convinced, to be trusted will be also to
be loved.” Someone who is incredibly proud of me, doesn’t mind telling
other women whom are interested that they’ve found someone, but would love to
maintain a friendship; someone who’s family knows everything about me and loves
me all the same because he is proud enough to admit my weaknesses and realizes
i’m human too. “It is more noble to give yourself
completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the salvation of the
masses.” And finally someone who thinks i deserve the sky i stand
beneath, ‘because i’m willing to give that to someone else someday’.


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