Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

You wasted my time
You wasted my dime
And now you’re wasting some useless rhyme
On the surface perfect, beneath evil’s greeted
Disillusioned by greatness then I discovered you cheated
We had this feeling and we just couldn’t fight it
That feeling was a stolen item and I didn’t want to buy it
You say ‘we’ll make it work’ we’ve tried it
I say ‘you fucked up’ you denied it
Life was always a rehearsal I was just the show
You weren’t as wonderful as you’re ego thought you were
Oops secrets out; now you know
Told me once “it’s a good thing you’re prettier than her”
And you wondered why you and your ex was something that were
I’m not an accessory I’m the whole package
You weren’t willing to buy it because you saw damage
Well I’m here to inform you that everyone has a past
It’s not something to be ashamed of if you ever want a flame to last
At least I was honest I gave my word true
I did everything for this, there was nothing more to do
Every morning you wake up you have to live with your you
And to me that’s punishment enough to see this whole thing through
It’s been a while now I’ve almost forgotten the pain
Where once gloomy days were now see sunshine not rain
I wish you well in this journey of life you lead
Know that once an evil has been planted it stems from the seed
It grows into something great big and tall
Where once there was kindness someone who had it all
And now this evil being you’ve allowed it to grow
Can’t be kept a secret, TJM, everyone now knows.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

  1. never underestimate the power of your words or who is reading them. i dont know the full details of what happened with that person but there must be a reason that you walked away and you have to finally decide whether that breaking point is the end or the beginning with that chapter in your life. you can only control your own actions, not theirs. if you keep dwelling on what they did it will detract you from your hopes, ambitions, and dreams. because if we concentrate on the past it will cripple us in the future. even though we may or may not be separated by thousands of miles, you share a connection to many females in the universe. something you wrote earlier led me to end a chapter in my own life, and now i can sense you are still struggling with the detachment. it sounds like you have told yourself you dealt with it, in hopes that a self fulfilled prophecy will manifest, but that is not always the case. time does help as well, but some wounds are so deep that the wound may have been bandaged for a while but it has not actually healed. it has to stem from a conscious acknowledgement that you support YOUR decisions so you do not regret them. then you will finally be able to move away from the situation, because when you look back you do not second guess what happened. you can believe that what is meant to be will be. and the heartache we endure will make us appreciate the love we find later. please do not interpret this as a leather couch session, i dont mean to sound omniscient and tell you how to live your life. i have only learned from my own mistakes, but i hope in sharing my thoughts with you i can spark same epiphany that was bestowed upon me. you say be beautiful, and i have realized that beauty flows from a heart at rest 🙂

  2. thank you for your abundance of words. and just so we’re clear on this leather couch session thing – my blog isn’t my lifes update….it’s my lifes story. So the time in which this piece was written has long passed us, the time in which it has been published is now – it’s a part of my healing process, you don’t have to like it but you do have to respect it.

    from: a heart at rest.

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