In This Here Today Gone Tomorrow World We’re Living In

Heartache 2 Heartache.
We stand here solemn & numb, staring at one another wondering where it went wrong
Clueless to the truth, narrow minded to hate, Caught up in a whirlwind of disbelief
It shouldn’t be you lying there,
It wasn’t your time to us, too soon
You were too wonderful to leave this world in such a gruesome manner
We heard the news & it didn’t seem real. Calling one another to confirm details and hearsay
you had so much zeal for life
you had an abundance of a journey left
You were a beautiful, wise, smile- wearing- soul
Leaving more memories and imprints than you will ever know about
contributing to livelihoods, past, presents, and futures
sharing laughter instead of hate
giving presents of promises
being true to you
and you, yes you, were an amazing man.
Now watching over us, while the healing takes place; know that there won’t be a day that goes by where we aren’t thinking of you & the wonderful blessings you brought to each of our lives.
Until we meet again Ricky Jaros.


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