The way your fingers ran through my hair, put me at ease; a one in which only my mother and best friend usually accomplish through a culmination of the warm energy they give off and the perfect duration each movement holds onto. The small grazes along my back combined with the soft strokes through my thick golden hair lulled me into some of the sweetest dreams i’ve had in quite some time, not knowing if i’ll ever get the chance,  Thank you.

Sending it out into the universe is far more powerful than holding onto it.

In which we live

It’s a tragedy, numerated by most; turned a blind eye by more

I see so much sadness where there should be joy but instead we have hate and rape and souljah boy

We live in a world where we would rather sit on a park bench and feed pigeons instead of the poor

A world where we need to rightfully prove ourselves so we won’t be judged off the bat and wrongfully confused

A world where we have addictions to food; while other countries dream of having more than 1 meal a day

One where we’re quick to get out the pen to write the check to ‘feed my starving children’ but hesitate to volunteer our talents and time

A world where we think we are worthy; out of some self righteous respect; of something greater than ourselves – when merely existing is an outstanding accomplishment

We live in a world of fear; a world where not many will press the question why and stand up for what’s right

A world where we watch shows like survivor for entertainment; a game being played in places people already live.

We are selfish creatures so consumed with our needs we tend to forget about the semblance of human kind

We tend to forget about the problems that are running rampant all over our country – yet there we are in someone else’s trying to tell them how a government should be run

A world where we should ask Obama to pass some hope to the pope so that a couple of guys have the freedom to elope

In that same world we also have the kindness of anonymity; one that goes unsung and unnoticed; but helps the rest of us have hope for a better world within a better tomorrow

A world where people, myself included, have given up a full time job and a hefty paycheck for the hunger for a journey down the road less traveled; one where you give up everything you know to throw yourself into the unkown and who knows – change the world.

A world in which we all have something to give; not many of us have realized that – most of us wont. But in time if you open yourself up to opportunity – you can change lives.

Live for others. Be active when being proactive. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Everyday.