In the night sky, like shooting stars

There’s something about airports that invigorates all my senses. I’m not certain if it’s the ample volume of inhabitants rushing to be elsewhere; everyone heading in the semblance of the same direction, or all of us, separate strangers, not containing a cognizant knowledge of another. Sitting beneath faint lights, listening to haphazard audio of nearby conversations, I don’t feel so forlorn; the atmosphere that draws me near in this mess of terminals and hangers is the realization of all the people there are in this world, that truly no matter what…you’re never in it alone.


2 thoughts on “In the night sky, like shooting stars

  1. Hey, Meg.

    Not sure how I stumbled across your blog exactly, but I’m glad I did. As a fellow writer, artist, free spirit…I want to tell you that your words matter and you should keep writing them. I know sometimes I need to hear that to stay motivate to create.


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